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Convert (Almost) any Activity into Steps

Convert Activity into Steps
Get a step count for everything from archery to yard work.

Did some activity that can’t be measured with a step-counter? You can still add it to your tracker and get credit for it in your daily step total. Here's how:

  1. Find the activity (or the closest thing to it) in the chart below.
  2. Multiply the number in the “steps per minute” column by the number of minutes you did that activity.
  3. Add the result to your step tracker. (Not sure how? Get instructions here.)

For example, if you scrubbed the tub and bathroom tiles for 10 solid minutes, you’d multiply 125 steps per minute by 10 minutes to get 1250 steps. That’s a lot of steps! 

*These numbers are estimates, based on a 160 lb individual with an average step length of 2.5 ft.